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Are you a music lover? Can you help us? Write an article about the best live concert you have ever been to. Send us your article today!


go to a concert, cheer and clap, be on stage, look forward to, arrive at the venue, dance to the music, move to the rhythm, be over the moon, see (sb) live in concert, have a whale of a time, great hits, expensive tickets,  a huge number of fans, hundreds of excited fans, gigantic video screens, spectacular and entertaining, an amazing performance, a fantastic concert


  • The crowd was shouting with _____ , waiting for the band to appear. EXCITE
  • The tickets were very expensive because of the band’s _____ POPULAR
  • The _____ came into the crowd and I just jumped onto a chair and took a quick _____ ! SING, SELF


  • People clapped again and they began _____ play the music.
  • Dozens of musicians and singers performed _____ two stages _____ the park.
  • He is, _____ doubt, the most talented musician I have ever _____ the pleasure of seeing.


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  • bully, bullying, an increasingly epidemic problem, intimidate sb, carry out an act of violence, be bullied / intimidated / defenceless / vulnerable
  • confront a bully, stand up to a bully, help the target of bullying, prevent / tackle bullying, present anti-bullying intervention programs, seek professional help
  • cyberbully, cyberbullying, a growing Internet trend, push for more action against cyberbullying


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It is often cheaper to book your holiday _____ the Internet.

I’m fed up _____ the cold weather we’re having _____ the moment and I really need a break _____ work. Why don’t we book a holiday?

Although there has been recent growth _____ the popularity of independently booked holidays, the package holiday still has _____ our view, a lot to offer.

I waited on the platform as long _____ I could before I got _____ the train and found a seat.

You could take one of these street maps and explore the old part of the town _____ foot.

Our exotic journey brings us closer _____ the culture and wild places of this place, focusing _____ those special locations that are _____ the beaten track.

What time did the plane for Athens take _____?

Let’s _____ a two-week break and go _____ holiday next March.

A _____ attendant urging him _____ put on his seatbelt woke Jamie _____ his nap.

We explain that we are a large group, with many people, and _____ luggage.

Camping vacations used _____ be associated _____ images of primitive living conditions: muddy boots, insect bites and the awful backache one gets _____ sleeping _____ the ground.

If you are interested _____ London, leave two extra days _____ sightseeing and shopping.

We’ll go to the travel agent’s tomorrow and pick _____ some brochures.

This year, we’re going _____ a tour of Italy. I’m really looking forward _____ seeing all the churches, museums and great works _____ art, as well as taking a gondola ride _____ Venice.

I love going away _____ Christmas or _____ spring too.

There was a lifeguard _____ duty, though nobody was _____ any real danger.

I’d like _____ information about your special offer, please.

We stayed in a small hotel _____ the middle of nowhere.

The museum is a little _____ of the way, but it _____ certainly worth a visit.

They were swimming and sunbathing _____ a private island.

The boys insisted _____ wearing cut-off jeans instead _____ swimsuits.

I worked as a lifeguard _____ the beach, like I’ve done the previous few summers.


Your package holiday didn’t meet your needs and expectations. Write a letter to complain and outline the problems you experienced.


What kind of things did you use to do on holiday when you were younger?

Why do so many tourists choose to go on package vacations?

In what way could travel be said to broaden our horizons?

Can you remember a vacation that turned out to be disappointing?

Do you buy souvenirs when you travel? What is the most precious / special thing you have bought?

Would you ever consider going on an ocean cruise?


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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

This work shows that he has great ____________ ability. ART

Not everyone agrees on the ____________ of art nowadays. DEFINE

Graffiti is often classed as a form of _____________ . VANDAL

If only she would draw something _____________ to the eye. PLEASE

Surrealism, an intellectual movement that originated in the early 1920s, reached its _____________ during the years between the two World Wars. HIGH

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was _____________ the most prolific composer of the _____________ period. DOUBT, CLASSIC

The event included a stage with _____________ arts. PERFORM

He began studying furniture making, but was very quickly drawn to _____________ . SCULPTOR

The artist’s latest _____________ included 18 paintings. EXHIBIT


Young people are not interested _____________ art.

The word graffiti is derived _____________ an Italian word meaning “scratched” and refers _____________ anything from casual markings to elaborate wall paintings scrawled on visible surfaces.

His oil paintings are detailed self-portraits, which, she said, tend _____________ show a lot of skin.

A lot of people who know nothing about art say that beauty is _____________ the eye of the beholder.

Organisers say that the idea is to expose the audience _____________ different performing arts.

Although the central character is the man running _____________ the foreground, the picture isn’t really about him _____________ all.

A painter’s preparatory sketches and drawings are his work _____________ progress on the way _____________ the ultimate creation.

She spent much of her time _____________ the school’s hallways creating murals _____________ the walls.

“Cultural heritage” often brings _____________ mind artifacts.

I come _____________ a family of artists, and painting was always an obvious choice _____________ me.

Just like any art, the ultimate value of the work depends _____________ the artist who created it.


While some people believe that graffiti is a form of art, there are those who only see it as an act of vandalism. In your opinion, should graffiti be seen as a form of self-expression or as a crime for which offenders should be prosecuted?


Should more emphasis be placed on the arts in schools?

How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Does the government in your country do enough to promote the arts?


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Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

In most schools, subjects like maths and English are compulsory, but others are ____________ . OPT

Gaining ____________ experience is just as important as acquiring knowledge. PRACTISE

In oral exams, it’s the responsibility of the ____________ to make the candidate feel at ease. EXAMINE

Each of the ____________ theories presented here can guide our teaching practices. EDUCATION

All parents care deeply about their children’s education and ____________ progress. ACADEMY

The ____________ ceremony was quick. GRADUATE

If a child is going to be ____________ academically, teachers must adapt lessons to meet that child’s specific learning needs. SUCCEED

This site offers many resources for students, including ____________ notes and questions, help and advice. REVISE

Choose the correct word.

Students sit / give exams twice a year at this school.

When revising / reading for an exam, take plenty of short breaks.

Most pupils feel nervous when they are waiting to be given their school report / card.

In our days / Nowadays, many students go abroad to study.

The students take / give examinations at the end of every academic year.

You will not do well in your exams if you read / study at the last minute.

They failed to do / make any progress.


Making judgments ________ the ability of students based ________ examinations that take place just once or perhaps twice a year is simply not fair.

She was a bright child and very good ________ drawing and writing.

For many university courses, students are required to work ________ groups to complete specific projects. Each student is then awarded a grade based ________ the group’s success.

Let me give you some advice ________ how to do it.

Exams put students ________ a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Julie’s whole family were very proud ________ her achievements.

He became a full-time student to get a master’s degree ________ finance.

At this school, the students will become fluent ________ both Spanish and German.

A glance ________ the stack of schoolbooks on her desk reminded Lee that she had a class this morning.

In physical education, pupils had the chance to take part ________ 16 different sports and ended up winning trophies.

Teachers can use the tests to highlight the strengths and weaknesses ________ pupils so they can identify areas to concentrate ________ .

Although she dreamed ________ becoming a doctor, financial problems forced her to leave school early, and she never received a formal education.

Commonly confused words

teacher, tutor, professor, instructor, coach

degree, certificate


John told me that he was sure I would pass my exams with flying colors.


Is it better to stay up late to revise for a test or to wake up early to do it?

What are the benefits of testing students through assessment throughout the year?

Does taking students on excursions to museums and other places of interest help their education?

In many countries throughout the world, it has become compulsory for students to learn at least one foreign language at school. Should all students be made to study a foreign language at school or should they be free to choose?



In order to prepare young people for life today, there must be less emphasis on traditional academic subjects and more on those which teach the skills needed to compete in the twenty-first century. Do you agree?

An increasing number of school-leavers are going on to higher education. Many families prefer their children to study at a university in their own town or city. Others point out that there are important benefits for a young person who moves to another part of the country. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

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means of transport

Fill in the correct preposition.

Isn’t John afraid ________ flying?

She wasn’t capable ________  carrying the heavy suitcases.

I insist ________  paying the bus fare for you.

I walked down the stairs of the subway station to get the train that would leave ________  a few minutes.

A man involved ________  a car crash four days ago died yesterday.

Nick was a big fan ________  motorcycles and roller skating.

He walked ________  foot into the forest.

Many truck drivers also park their vehicles ________  this area.


Most city residents would like to have an efficient public transportation system and a good network of roads. However, it is expensive to have both. Which do you think is more important: efficient public transport or good roads that allow people to drive easily around the city? Give reasons to support your opinion.