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Audrey beamed and giggled every now and then.

Both boys were grinning widely, showing off all their teeth.

He smirked in triumph.

Her mother just simpered loudly and turned away.

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Are you intelligent?

  • He is an astute investor.
  • He’s really, really smart – intellectually curious, thoughtful, creative, you name it.
  • Judy has never been very clever, but she tries hard.
  • He was ingenious enough to overcome the limited budget.
  • She was married to a bright lawyer.
  • He is a shrewd businessman.
  • She was too clever by half – always correcting the teacher.
  • You’re one smart cookie.
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Feeling happy

I’m so glad.

She was over the moon about her new bike. 

He seemed genuinely happy and pleased that so many people were out to see the band.

He seems content with his life.

Flying in over the city, I was jumping for joy in my tiny airline seat.

Some people are never satisfied.

He is bright-eyed, cheerful and almost always shares a smile with those around him.

‘I was on cloud nine when I heard I won and I’m still up there,’ he said.

She was feeling relaxed, almost carefree.

An exuberant crowd.