Posted in Grammar


_____ moon is very bright tonight.

Joe plays _____ piano really well.

_____ cows are useful animals.

Life can be very hard for _____ poor.

_____ roses are _____ sweetest of all flowers.

_____ ethnic minorities, _____ indigenous peoples and _____ tribal people everywhere face discrimination.

I think _____ rich should pay more taxes.

_____ Indonesian is a relatively new language.

Who hasn’t heard of _____ Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Our ship crossed _____ Atlantic in 7 days.

This trend especially threatens _____ children, _____ elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

_____ Prince Charles is _____ Queen Elizabeth’s son.

I have never been to _____ Netherlands.

She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around _____ Thailand for _____ month I was on holiday.

I read it in _____ Guardian.

Who was _____ first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

_____ last week, _____ Monday and _____ Friday were both public holidays, and so was Monday this week.

She lives near _____ Lake Windermere.

They are staying at _____ Hilton.

He has a master’s degree from _____ University of Toronto.



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