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on – in – at

Back _____ the early 1980s I spent some time _____ that beach.

Can you tell me what time you will arrive _____ the hotel?

Do you work _____ Mondays?

Dr Pitt isn’t here _____ the moment, so one of the other doctors will see you _____ a moment.

Jane is waiting for you _____ the bus stop.

Where will you be _____ New Year’s Day?

I was never good _____ sports.

Who would you most like to see live _____ concert?

I was madly _____ love with her.

When I arrived _____ the venue there were already hundreds of excited fans queuing _____ the entrance. I eventually got inside the huge arena and made my way to the front – I wanted to be next to the stage _____ order to get the best view.

Which of these things do you do _____ a regular basis?

I can’t wait for the weekend because I’m going _____ a trip with Paul.

I couldn’t tell _____ a glance whether the diamond was real, but when I looked at it _____ detail, I realised that it was.

I don’t usually work _____ the weekend.

We left _____ midnight.

I read the article _____ computer games you published _____ your newspaper last week. I am a fourteen-year-old student and would like to express my views _____ the matter

We finished the test _____ the same time.

Have you ever taken part _____ a school sports day?

The play is set _____ the Middle Ages.

Angie’s still _____ home.

I stay with my family _____ Christmas.

The author’s name is _____ the cover of the book.

Psychologists are warning that this popular pastime can have only negative effects _____ our nation’s youth.

Everything _____ this store is _____ sale.

Retirement _____ sixty-five is ridiculous.

She describes how she coped with being bullied _____ social media and what it has been like to grow up _____ a digital world.

He is _____ the phone right now.

I’ll see you _____ five o’clock.

Some countries insist _____ food security, although many of their demands are absurd.

I live _____ the 7th floor _____ 21 Oxford Street _____ London.

I am sure that you enjoy the hilarious scenes that are shown _____ the end of many films – those embarrassing moments that have been cut from the film before it goes _____ general release. There are many websites _____ the Internet dedicated to highlighting these mistakes for us, as most of us are so absorbed _____ the film that we rarely notice them.

We are not interested _____ gambling.

The success of a new airport would depend _____ its ability to attract airlines.

We buy some fresh bread from the only shop _____ the island.

He had an angry look _____ his face.

You have recently seen a film based _____ a novel you have read.

_____ conclusion, _____ such a competitive business there are always potential dangers for a child actor. _____ my opinion, the key to turning all the disadvantages into advantages is good parenting.

It was while I was _____ my way home that I bumped into Helen.

If you’re _____  a diet to lose weight, you’ll stay away from places that serve fattening food.

You’re here _____ last. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.

After college I went to work _____ libraries, while I waited for the position I wanted _____ fashion.

Let me give you some advice _____  how to do it

They will be married _____ her birthday.

_____ order to prepare young people for life today, there must be less emphasis _____ traditional academic subjects and more _____ those which teach the skills needed to compete _____ the twenty-first century

He’s having a bath _____ the moment

He succeeded _____ making everyone angry.

You don’t need to go _____ a diet; you look great.

_____ Christmas we’re always surrounded by lots of food.

The train left _____ time.

We laughed _____ his silly shirt.

They arrived _____ Paris last night.

Children who use mobile phones are _____ risk of sleeping disorders.

Last year the magazine said the market was _____ danger of a sharp fall.


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