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the media


  • impartial, objective, independent, unbiased, accurate
  • a controversial issue, shocking images, sensational images, a misleading story,  untrue stories, dubious stories
  • cover a story, check the facts, read between the lines, distort the truth, practise true journalism and not propaganda, manipulate people, act in an iunprejudiced way, hit the headlines, create or confirm prejudicial attitudes
  • In the digital age, it is easier than ever to publish false information. / We are privileged to live in an era when we can use many new technologies. / Technology and media do not exist in isolation – they help shape society, just as they are shaped by it in turn.


  • When it comes to reporting current affairs, the role of the media is to inform, and news items should therefore be presented objectively. Do you agree?
  • Write an email to a friend giving your opinion about the news story you read. Explain whether or not you enjoyed reading it.
  • “Newspapers will soon be a thing of the past” – Do you agree with this statement?
  • Is it more important to get news fast or accurately?




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