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Are you a music lover? Can you help us? Write an article about the best live concert you have ever been to. Send us your article today!


go to a concert, cheer and clap, be on stage, look forward to, arrive at the venue, dance to the music, move to the rhythm, be over the moon, see (sb) live in concert, have a whale of a time, great hits, expensive tickets,  a huge number of fans, hundreds of excited fans, gigantic video screens, spectacular and entertaining, an amazing performance, a fantastic concert


  • The crowd was shouting with _____ , waiting for the band to appear. EXCITE
  • The tickets were very expensive because of the band’s _____ POPULAR
  • The _____ came into the crowd and I just jumped onto a chair and took a quick _____ ! SING, SELF


  • People clapped again and they began _____ play the music.
  • Dozens of musicians and singers performed _____ two stages _____ the park.
  • He is, _____ doubt, the most talented musician I have ever _____ the pleasure of seeing.



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