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It is often cheaper to book your holiday _____ the Internet.

I’m fed up _____ the cold weather we’re having _____ the moment and I really need a break _____ work. Why don’t we book a holiday?

Although there has been recent growth _____ the popularity of independently booked holidays, the package holiday still has _____ our view, a lot to offer.

I waited on the platform as long _____ I could before I got _____ the train and found a seat.

You could take one of these street maps and explore the old part of the town _____ foot.

Our exotic journey brings us closer _____ the culture and wild places of this place, focusing _____ those special locations that are _____ the beaten track.

What time did the plane for Athens take _____?

Let’s _____ a two-week break and go _____ holiday next March.

A _____ attendant urging him _____ put on his seatbelt woke Jamie _____ his nap.

We explain that we are a large group, with many people, and _____ luggage.

Camping vacations used _____ be associated _____ images of primitive living conditions: muddy boots, insect bites and the awful backache one gets _____ sleeping _____ the ground.

If you are interested _____ London, leave two extra days _____ sightseeing and shopping.

We’ll go to the travel agent’s tomorrow and pick _____ some brochures.

This year, we’re going _____ a tour of Italy. I’m really looking forward _____ seeing all the churches, museums and great works _____ art, as well as taking a gondola ride _____ Venice.

I love going away _____ Christmas or _____ spring too.

There was a lifeguard _____ duty, though nobody was _____ any real danger.

I’d like _____ information about your special offer, please.

We stayed in a small hotel _____ the middle of nowhere.

The museum is a little _____ of the way, but it _____ certainly worth a visit.

They were swimming and sunbathing _____ a private island.

The boys insisted _____ wearing cut-off jeans instead _____ swimsuits.

I worked as a lifeguard _____ the beach, like I’ve done the previous few summers.


Your package holiday didn’t meet your needs and expectations. Write a letter to complain and outline the problems you experienced.


What kind of things did you use to do on holiday when you were younger?

Why do so many tourists choose to go on package vacations?

In what way could travel be said to broaden our horizons?

Can you remember a vacation that turned out to be disappointing?

Do you buy souvenirs when you travel? What is the most precious / special thing you have bought?

Would you ever consider going on an ocean cruise?



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