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Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

In most schools, subjects like maths and English are compulsory, but others are ____________ . OPT

Gaining ____________ experience is just as important as acquiring knowledge. PRACTISE

In oral exams, it’s the responsibility of the ____________ to make the candidate feel at ease. EXAMINE

Each of the ____________ theories presented here can guide our teaching practices. EDUCATION

All parents care deeply about their children’s education and ____________ progress. ACADEMY

The ____________ ceremony was quick. GRADUATE

If a child is going to be ____________ academically, teachers must adapt lessons to meet that child’s specific learning needs. SUCCEED

This site offers many resources for students, including ____________ notes and questions, help and advice. REVISE

Choose the correct word.

Students sit / give exams twice a year at this school.

When revising / reading for an exam, take plenty of short breaks.

Most pupils feel nervous when they are waiting to be given their school report / card.

In our days / Nowadays, many students go abroad to study.

The students take / give examinations at the end of every academic year.

You will not do well in your exams if you read / study at the last minute.

They failed to do / make any progress.


Making judgments ________ the ability of students based ________ examinations that take place just once or perhaps twice a year is simply not fair.

She was a bright child and very good ________ drawing and writing.

For many university courses, students are required to work ________ groups to complete specific projects. Each student is then awarded a grade based ________ the group’s success.

Let me give you some advice ________ how to do it.

Exams put students ________ a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Julie’s whole family were very proud ________ her achievements.

He became a full-time student to get a master’s degree ________ finance.

At this school, the students will become fluent ________ both Spanish and German.

A glance ________ the stack of schoolbooks on her desk reminded Lee that she had a class this morning.

In physical education, pupils had the chance to take part ________ 16 different sports and ended up winning trophies.

Teachers can use the tests to highlight the strengths and weaknesses ________ pupils so they can identify areas to concentrate ________ .

Although she dreamed ________ becoming a doctor, financial problems forced her to leave school early, and she never received a formal education.

Commonly confused words

teacher, tutor, professor, instructor, coach

degree, certificate


John told me that he was sure I would pass my exams with flying colors.


Is it better to stay up late to revise for a test or to wake up early to do it?

What are the benefits of testing students through assessment throughout the year?

Does taking students on excursions to museums and other places of interest help their education?

In many countries throughout the world, it has become compulsory for students to learn at least one foreign language at school. Should all students be made to study a foreign language at school or should they be free to choose?



In order to prepare young people for life today, there must be less emphasis on traditional academic subjects and more on those which teach the skills needed to compete in the twenty-first century. Do you agree?

An increasing number of school-leavers are going on to higher education. Many families prefer their children to study at a university in their own town or city. Others point out that there are important benefits for a young person who moves to another part of the country. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.


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