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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

This work shows that he has great ____________ ability. ART

Not everyone agrees on the ____________ of art nowadays. DEFINE

Graffiti is often classed as a form of _____________ . VANDAL

If only she would draw something _____________ to the eye. PLEASE

Surrealism, an intellectual movement that originated in the early 1920s, reached its _____________ during the years between the two World Wars. HIGH

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was _____________ the most prolific composer of the _____________ period. DOUBT, CLASSIC

The event included a stage with _____________ arts. PERFORM

He began studying furniture making, but was very quickly drawn to _____________ . SCULPTOR

The artist’s latest _____________ included 18 paintings. EXHIBIT


Young people are not interested _____________ art.

The word graffiti is derived _____________ an Italian word meaning “scratched” and refers _____________ anything from casual markings to elaborate wall paintings scrawled on visible surfaces.

His oil paintings are detailed self-portraits, which, she said, tend _____________ show a lot of skin.

A lot of people who know nothing about art say that beauty is _____________ the eye of the beholder.

Organisers say that the idea is to expose the audience _____________ different performing arts.

Although the central character is the man running _____________ the foreground, the picture isn’t really about him _____________ all.

A painter’s preparatory sketches and drawings are his work _____________ progress on the way _____________ the ultimate creation.

She spent much of her time _____________ the school’s hallways creating murals _____________ the walls.

“Cultural heritage” often brings _____________ mind artifacts.

I come _____________ a family of artists, and painting was always an obvious choice _____________ me.

Just like any art, the ultimate value of the work depends _____________ the artist who created it.


While some people believe that graffiti is a form of art, there are those who only see it as an act of vandalism. In your opinion, should graffiti be seen as a form of self-expression or as a crime for which offenders should be prosecuted?


Should more emphasis be placed on the arts in schools?

How do you think art classes affect children’s development?

Does the government in your country do enough to promote the arts?



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