Posted in Grammar


  • Detectives __________ the boy yesterday. (arrest)
  • Sue wasn’t hungry, so she __________ anything. (not eat)
  • Water __________ at 100 degrees Celsius. (boil)
  • What __________ with those scissors? (you / do)
  • I __________ to France three times. (be)
  • I __________ you the information when I get it. (send)
  • The adult human body __________ 206 bones. (contain)
  • Angela __________ to work. She goes by bus. (not drive)
  • Please be quiet. The children __________ . (sleep)
  • He __________ three books and he is working on another one. (write)
  • I __________ you when I arrive. (call)
  • It __________ a nice day tomorrow. (be)
  • Then we __________ at a small restaurant on a side street with no tourists. (eat)
  • I can’t hear you. I __________  to my iPod. (listen)
  • We __________  here since 2007. (live)
  • Melissa took it from her and __________  what was left in one gulp. (drink)
  • James __________ his homework yet. (not finish)
  • I __________ to Mexico last year. (go)
  • She never __________ football. (play)
  • Helen suddenly __________ she had left her keys in the car. (remember)

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