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News story (TIE)

Exam task: Presentation/discussion on a news story.

Task type: Prepared (Candidates have followed a news story from at least two media sources).

Time: 4-5 min. approx.

IMPORTANT: The news story must be recent, taken from two different sources. Dates and sources must be mentioned.

  • News2.jpg
  • What story did you choose?
  • Why did you choose this story?
  • Did you learn something from this story?
  • What sources did you use to find this story?
  • What impressed you most in the news story you read and why?
  • If you were a reporter, would you choose to write this type of news story? Why/why not?
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Is this true for the images of your news story? Why/why not?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • I enjoyed/didn’t enjoy this news story because…

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