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Investigation (TIE)

Exam task: investigation
Time: 10 min. approx.
Task description: The candidates bring the investigations/mini projects they have prepared. They must be able to present them in a short and organized way (for at least two minutes), then answer questions and describe the pictures included in them. The project must be of a reasonable size (not too big) and include pictures.


  • Would you like to present your investigation to us?

  • What investigation did you carry out?

  • Why did you carry out this particular investigation?

  • Tell me a few things about your investigation.

  • Did you find this topic interesting to investigate? Why/why not?

  • Who would be interested in this investigation?

  • Where did you get the information from?

  • Did you learn something while doing this investigation?

  • There are some photographs included in your investigation. Can you describe them?

  • Ask your partner a question about his/her investigation.

  • What would you like to ask your partner about his/her investigation?


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