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Speaking about smoking

  • smoke cigarettes, light up a cigarette, blow a puff of smoke, take a long deep pull, stub a cigarette, be addicted to nicotine, smoke out of addiction, smoke like a chimney,  vape indoors, take up vaping
  • ashtray,  light, a chain-smoker, a non-smoker
  • harmful, highly addictive, heart diseases, respiratory diseases, bronchitis, lung cancer, premature ageing, skin damage
  • passive or secondhand smoking, be exposed to second-hand smoke, smoke-free places, be in favor of banning smoking in public places, why must non-smokers still be subjected to smoke they don’t want to inhale
  • a ban on cigarette advertising, be in favor of raising taxes on tobacco
  • quit, be easier said than done, discourage young people from taking up smoking, encourage smokers to quit, break the habit, kick the habit, resist the temptation to

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