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Speaking about people


  • sociable, the life of the party, gregarious
  • sincere, trustworthy, honest
  • polite, kind, soft-hearted, affectionate, loving, warm-hearted, as good as gold, as sweet as pie,  a shoulder to cry on
  • fair-minded, impartial, quick-witted
  • calm, cool-headed, as cool as a cucumber
  • strong-minded, independent
  • a bookworm
  • adventurous, a thrill seeker
  • generous


  • sullen, bad-tempered, grumpy, cantankerous, argumentative
  • pompous, arrogant, opinionated, stubborn, as stubborn as a mule
  • callous, tough, selfish, as hard as nails, have a heart of stone
  • unreliable, untrustworthy, devious, dishonest, insincere
  • gullible
  • a troublemaker
  • the black sheep of the family

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