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Speaking about extreme sports

  • white-water rafting,  mountain biking, BMX (or bicycle motocross), parkour (sometimes called free running), bungee jumping, ice climbing, rock climbing, cave diving, bull riding, skydiving
  • be a thrill seeker, be an adrenalin junkie, be attracted to extreme sports, crave the adrenaline rush, be a person with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure, take things to extremes, be a daredevil, experience the thrills and spills of

Do you like the excitement of extreme sports?

Which of the following are important for you when choosing a sport? Why? ● cost ● equipment ● fun ● safety ● social status ● team ●

What is the most dangerous extreme sport?

Why do people like dangerous sports?

Why are deadly extreme sports more popular than ever?

If you had to choose one to try, what would it be?


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