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speaking – job

Describe the company or organization you work for.

What are your main duties?

Are you satisfied with your job?

Are you happier doing mental or physical work?

Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?

If you could change your job, what would you do?

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_____ moon is very bright tonight.

Joe plays _____ piano really well.

_____ cows are useful animals.

Life can be very hard for _____ poor.

_____ roses are _____ sweetest of all flowers.

_____ ethnic minorities, _____ indigenous peoples and _____ tribal people everywhere face discrimination.

I think _____ rich should pay more taxes.

_____ Indonesian is a relatively new language.

Who hasn’t heard of _____ Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Our ship crossed _____ Atlantic in 7 days.

This trend especially threatens _____ children, _____ elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

_____ Prince Charles is _____ Queen Elizabeth’s son.

I have never been to _____ Netherlands.

She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around _____ Thailand for _____ month I was on holiday.

I read it in _____ Guardian.

Who was _____ first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

_____ last week, _____ Monday and _____ Friday were both public holidays, and so was Monday this week.

She lives near _____ Lake Windermere.

They are staying at _____ Hilton.

He has a master’s degree from _____ University of Toronto.


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on – in – at

Back _____ the early 1980s I spent some time _____ that beach.

Can you tell me what time you will arrive _____ the hotel?

Do you work _____ Mondays?

Dr Pitt isn’t here _____ the moment, so one of the other doctors will see you _____ a moment.

Jane is waiting for you _____ the bus stop.

Where will you be _____ New Year’s Day?

I was never good _____ sports.

Who would you most like to see live _____ concert?

I was madly _____ love with her.

When I arrived _____ the venue there were already hundreds of excited fans queuing _____ the entrance. I eventually got inside the huge arena and made my way to the front – I wanted to be next to the stage _____ order to get the best view.

Which of these things do you do _____ a regular basis?

I can’t wait for the weekend because I’m going _____ a trip with Paul.

I couldn’t tell _____ a glance whether the diamond was real, but when I looked at it _____ detail, I realised that it was.

I don’t usually work _____ the weekend.

We left _____ midnight.

I read the article _____ computer games you published _____ your newspaper last week. I am a fourteen-year-old student and would like to express my views _____ the matter

We finished the test _____ the same time.

Have you ever taken part _____ a school sports day?

The play is set _____ the Middle Ages.

Angie’s still _____ home.

I stay with my family _____ Christmas.

The author’s name is _____ the cover of the book.

Psychologists are warning that this popular pastime can have only negative effects _____ our nation’s youth.

Everything _____ this store is _____ sale.

Retirement _____ sixty-five is ridiculous.

She describes how she coped with being bullied _____ social media and what it has been like to grow up _____ a digital world.

He is _____ the phone right now.

I’ll see you _____ five o’clock.

Some countries insist _____ food security, although many of their demands are absurd.

I live _____ the 7th floor _____ 21 Oxford Street _____ London.

I am sure that you enjoy the hilarious scenes that are shown _____ the end of many films – those embarrassing moments that have been cut from the film before it goes _____ general release. There are many websites _____ the Internet dedicated to highlighting these mistakes for us, as most of us are so absorbed _____ the film that we rarely notice them.

We are not interested _____ gambling.

The success of a new airport would depend _____ its ability to attract airlines.

We buy some fresh bread from the only shop _____ the island.

He had an angry look _____ his face.

You have recently seen a film based _____ a novel you have read.

_____ conclusion, _____ such a competitive business there are always potential dangers for a child actor. _____ my opinion, the key to turning all the disadvantages into advantages is good parenting.

It was while I was _____ my way home that I bumped into Helen.

If you’re _____  a diet to lose weight, you’ll stay away from places that serve fattening food.

You’re here _____ last. You were supposed to be here an hour ago.

After college I went to work _____ libraries, while I waited for the position I wanted _____ fashion.

Let me give you some advice _____  how to do it

They will be married _____ her birthday.

_____ order to prepare young people for life today, there must be less emphasis _____ traditional academic subjects and more _____ those which teach the skills needed to compete _____ the twenty-first century

He’s having a bath _____ the moment

He succeeded _____ making everyone angry.

You don’t need to go _____ a diet; you look great.

_____ Christmas we’re always surrounded by lots of food.

The train left _____ time.

We laughed _____ his silly shirt.

They arrived _____ Paris last night.

Children who use mobile phones are _____ risk of sleeping disorders.

Last year the magazine said the market was _____ danger of a sharp fall.