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idiom: a piece of cake

English is easy, right? Well, maybe it isn’t always a piece of cake!



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speaking – job

Describe the company or organization you work for.

What are your main duties?

Are you satisfied with your job?

Are you happier doing mental or physical work?

Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?

If you could change your job, what would you do?

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_____ moon is very bright tonight.

Joe plays _____ piano really well.

_____ cows are useful animals.

Life can be very hard for _____ poor.

_____ roses are _____ sweetest of all flowers.

_____ ethnic minorities, _____ indigenous peoples and _____ tribal people everywhere face discrimination.

I think _____ rich should pay more taxes.

_____ Indonesian is a relatively new language.

Who hasn’t heard of _____ Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Our ship crossed _____ Atlantic in 7 days.

This trend especially threatens _____ children, _____ elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

_____ Prince Charles is _____ Queen Elizabeth’s son.

I have never been to _____ Netherlands.

She really seemed to like me and I took her to Phuket and everywhere around _____ Thailand for _____ month I was on holiday.

I read it in _____ Guardian.

Who was _____ first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

_____ last week, _____ Monday and _____ Friday were both public holidays, and so was Monday this week.

She lives near _____ Lake Windermere.

They are staying at _____ Hilton.

He has a master’s degree from _____ University of Toronto.